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Hi, I'm Kian, proud owner of Kian's Queer Crafts. 

Growing up queer in a country town, I never saw myself represented. I want to help others grow up with visible representation, including with rainbow candles, cards, and bath products. I want to bring joy to everyone, people in the LGBTQIA+ community, and those who aren't. What better way to bring a sparkle to people's lives than with colourful candles and bath products with, frankly, too much glitter?

On that note, why not check out my Choc Full of Pride bath crumble and order one in your own personal pride colours? Or check out a few of my favourite candles and see if any ignite your interest?


Eco-consciousness has always been at the forefront for me. Where possible, I use suppliers with a similar ethos and avoid plastics and other environmentally damaging products. My glitter is all eco-friendly, and I package my products with recyclable or compostable goods where possible.

I am also working on a luxury candle range, each variety of which will be associated with a different charity or organisation which will receive a percentage of the product price.